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The collection of 25 objects “AISI 304” is the result of a collaboration between painter Lu Jindrák Skřivánková and industrial designer Robin Fišer. In addition to the central element of the collection, which is a sculpture, the duo is now releasing a limited number of 25 solitary objects.

The fragments were first digitally converted according to Lu’s shape design so that they could be cut with 2D laser technology from stainless steel sheets and then welded. By literally inflating, the blocks then begin to reshape and deform into their 3D form.

Even the creators cannot absolutely control the final shape and deliberately leave it to chance. The fascination of an object growing literally before our eyes is a certain degree of curiosity and surrender for the creators. The whole is a symbiosis of craftsmanship, art and industry, resulting in an aesthetic form of objects that continues to be influenced by where and under what lighting conditions they are placed. It is the reflection of the polished metal that creates an endless play of reflections in the interior.

These objects work both separately and in conjunction with multiple pieces. Their playfulness and changeability allows the owner to choose how to place them and how to orient them in space.

Robin Fišer is a top industrial designer and co-founder of REPETE

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